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$1000 Cash Back Rebate Terms and Conditions

1. This rebate applies to military personnel who are currently serving or have served in the past who purchase and close on a home using Philip Black Realty as their sole broker.
2. Rebate only good in metro Augusta, Georgia and Columbia County areas. $1000 rebate applies to a purchase price of $150,000 or more. $500 rebate on homes with a sales price of $80,000 to $149,999. No rebate on homes with a sales price less than $80,000. Rebate not good in South Carolina.
3. Buyer(s) must fill out and sign the "Cash Back Rebate Terms and Conditions" agreement (below).
4. The Cash Back Rebate must be fully disclosed to the buyer's lender(s) by buyer and cannot be given if it is otherwise prohibited by the buyer's lender(s). The rebate has to be reported on the HUD closing statement. It is your responsibility to verify that your lender(s) will allow you to receive a rebate.
5. If there is a referral fee involved, the referral fee will be deducted from the rebate.
6. Buyer is responsible for paying any applicable taxes on the rebate.
7. Philip Black Realty reserves the right to pay the rebate in the form of paying closing costs, as a reduction to the purchase price, or otherwise based on the needs of the transaction if required by the lender, by another party to the closing or by applicable law.
8. This rebate is for serious buyers only. Serious buyers are buyers with a lender preapproval letter and will be purchasing within the next 3 months.
9. The Cash Back Rebate will be paid only to the party or parties named as the "buyer(s)" or "borrower(s)" on the HUD-1 Closing Statement or equivalent official closing statement and cannot be disbursed to a third party.
10. The Cash Rebate Program is subject to conditions, limitations, exclusions, modifications, and/or discontinuation without notice.
11. Buyer must notify Philip Black Realty of rebate status before loan package has been prepared by lender for closing.

IMPORTANT: When you visit any new home subdivision or meet another agent, be sure you register your name and Philip Black Realty as your agent on your first visit. There is no rebate if you saw the property with an agent from another company prior to working with us.

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